6 steps to make a custom LinkedIn cover photo

in Knowledgebase on December 26, 2021by Mohiuddin Omran

LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for business professionals. To repeat, It has become one of the largest platforms for job seekers, employers, and recruiters. So if you are a job seeker, it’s very influential that your profile looks professional. Today the topic would be the cover photo. Therefore, I show the 6 steps to make a custom LinkedIn cover photo for your profile. A cover photo makes the first impression to the employers, which is very important for a job seeker.


How to custom LinkedIn cover photo

There are many ways to make a customized cover photo for your profile. Further, if you are a graphic designer, it is a piece of cake for you. But if you are not, you need to be a learner for that. Besides, you have to put your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd. Consequently, if you want your profile to shine in a sea of hundreds of millions of users, you need a professional-looking profile for yourself. And I promise it’s going to be very easy even if you are a non-techie.

Two things remains irritrivable: Time and a first impression.

Cyrthia Ozich

The First Step of making a custom LinkedIn cover photo

The first step is to select the free and most efficient tool for your task. Hence, I suggest Canva and Glorify for this.
Furthermore, It’s easy to start editing with Canva. Just open the Canva, find the template for you, experiment with the features, and your cover photo is ready.

Start making a custom LinkedIn cover photo

Accordingly, I will edit a picture for my cover and show the whole process.

Step 1:

Just go to Canva. Signup by e-mail or any other option. Fillup the other required pieces of information and tap on save. It will redirect you to the dashboard. You see the ‘Create a design’ button at the right upper corner and select ‘LinkedIn Banner.’

Step 2:

There are a lot of templates for the banner. You need to select your desired one.

Step 3:

I have selected ‘Yellow Memphis content planner LinkedIn banner’ for my cover and started editing. There I composed the name and my designation.

Step 4:

Additionally, I have added my contact number and e-mail address. There is a ‘Elements’ button right under the ‘Templates’ button at the left upper corner. From there, I dragged and dropped two icons and added my number and e-mail, and placed them in their place.

Step 5:

Afterward, there’s the big step left. Place a photo on the banner. For that, you need to upload a picture to Canva. And drag and drop it on the old image of the template. And then you are almost done.

Step 6:

Finally, you need to download your banner. There is a Download button at the top of the page. And it’s a simple task for anyone. Save it as a (.png) file.

Finalizing the task

After saving the file, you need to set your LinkedIn cover photo and, it’s easy.


last of all, If you want your profile to shine in a sea of hundreds of millions of users, you need a professional-looking profile for yourself. Moreover, your first impression matters a lot. Therefore, to be exceptional and have more potential than the competitors you have to do something out of the box. In summary, Keep making changes.

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