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Embed Social Media Reviews To WordPress Feed

in Knowledgebase on November 2, 2021by Mohiuddin Omran

How to Embed Social Media Reviews To WordPress Feed? Albeit the very first question should be why to add social media reviews on WordPress Website. At this point, let’s see some statistics which are going to answer this question itself.

  • 90% of netizens read online reviews before buying from a business website.
  • 72% of consumers will think of buying if there is a positive review.
  • For 9 in 10 customers, an online review is as prior as a user recommendation. statistics

Furthermore let’s talk about one site,

  • A 1-star rating up on leads to a 5 to 9% growth in business earnings.
  • Similarly, a single negative review can cost a company about 30 buyers.
  • 26,3,80 reviews are being posted every minute on
  • 98% of Yelp users purchase from the business that is on
  • 80% of Yelp Users visit to make a purchase.
Reviews on WordPress Feed-Yelp Review

Social Review Platforms

Henceforth let’s sum up these statistical percentages. Consequently, we can say that reviews are one of the fat-reaching mediators between sellers and buyers. Even though, in one of my previous posts, I categorized social review sites. However, there are a lot of social reviews sites, the most widely used ten review sites are listed below,

  • Google
  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Transpilot
  • TripAdvisor
  • AliExpress
  • Fluent Forms
How to Add Social Reviews on WordPress feed

Embed Reviews on WordPress Feed

Furthermore, if a business person wants to implement the best use of good reviews, he must embed those into his WordPress website feed. Henceforth, there comes the need for a plugin. For this, there is WP Social Ninja Plugin. I named it ‘The Mjollnir Plugin.’

WP Social Ninja-The Ultimate Plugin

At this point, let’s see what WP Social Ninja offers to the users. Surprisingly you will get everything you wish, in this package. Although, there are all those most widely used Social Review sites listed there. There are ten most used social review platforms which you can showcase on your website feed. Furthermore, It says more platforms are coming soon.

Reviews on WordPress Feed- Platforms

Reviews on WordPress Feed-Setup Steps

Additionally, this plugin is very user-friendly. Even a non-techie guy can manage it easily. Anyone can set up this plugin with these three simple steps. Additionally, the best part is your website never gets slow for this.

How to Add Social Reviews on WordPress feed-1


Afterward, that is the most diverse social reviews plugin for WordPress. Rather, word of mouth is everything today. Thereby, you need a futuristic plugin like WP Social Ninja to grow your business more. Thereupon, there are many characteristics.

  • Number of Reviews
  • Filters by Minimum Rating
  • Soak through Reviews Title
  • Display Write a Review
Features 1
Features 2

Advanced Features

Moreover, there are more advanced features for managing your WordPress website. let’s take a look at these features

  • Layout Variation
  • Multiple Templates
  • Advanced Filter Settings
  • Rating Style
  • Uniform Dimension
  • Content-Length
  • Display Reviewer Details
  • Auto Syncing
  • Header Settings
Advanced feature


That’s not all about WP Social Ninja. Moreover, it’s the ultimate Social Media Plugin that helps a WordPress user to decorate his website feed exquisitely. Besides, with this plugin, it’s zero effort. Consequently, as a businessman, you need to invest wisely. And WP Social Ninja is worth it. Happy Networking

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