3 Quick Tips For YouTube Marketing With WordPress Website-2021

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Hello there, Today the article topic is YouTube marketing for a WordPress Website and YouTube marketing by a WordPress Website. Eventually when we talk about social media there come the thoughts of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. Moreover, people consider YouTube as an online video-sharing platform. Hence YouTube marketing is often overlooked by the YouTubers and social media marketers. Whereas there are flourishing marketing opportunities here because YouTube counts more than two billion logged-in monthly, which ranks as the most widely used online platform.

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Why Youtubers Need Marketing With WordPress Website

Certainly, any YouTuber shouldn’t miss a very potential field of getting more viewers. In particular possession of 40.6% share of website users, WordPress is the biggest CMS. Nevertheless, a true and smart YouTuber owns a personal WordPress website for their video authorization. Rather A businessman WordPress website user needs a YouTube channel because video contents are the most engaging word of mouth marketing.

Importance Of Youtube Marketing With WordPress Website

However, It’s clear that as a business person, without embedding a YouTube feed on your website, you can’t take advantage of your video content and as a YouTuber, it’s a very potential source of spreading their channel.

Plugin For Embedding YouTube Feed To WordPress Website 

Therefore, In this article, I’ll show you the most dynamic way without coding, to embed your YouTube channel, playlist, videos, or live streams on your WordPress Website by WP Social Ninja. I named it the Mjollnir Plugin for social media in my previous post.


Configuring YouTube Feeds on Website in 3 Steps

Henceforth Fetch YouTube feeds in 3 simple steps without any coding. Thus that’s the most incredible feature of this plugin why every WordPress user should have it for their time-saving. WP Social Ninja made those steps much easier than anyone can manage YouTube feed without coding or any other hassle.




Benefits of WP Social Ninja

Likewise, check out the benefits, why anyone needs this plugin for their website. At this point, you get the super responsive no-code YouTube Feeds. Besides when it comes to the number of videos to display, really it’s without limitations. On the other side the deep customization feature, where users can decorate the feed as they want. WP Social Ninja lets users cache the data it receives from YouTube to speed up the website. It also minimizes the requests to reduce feed loading time, thus users can enable the auto-sync feature which fetches YouTube data spontaneously.

Advanced Features

Thereupon WP Social Ninja has YouTube feeds advanced features which have very exciting schemes.

  • 1. Numbers Of Posts To Display
  • 2. Popup Settings
  • 3. Play Mode
  • 4. Trim Title Words
  • 5. Channel Logo/Name
  • 6. Title/ Views Counter/ Date
  • 7. Show/Hide Posts With Exact Words
  • 8. AutoPlay & Video Loop
  • 9. Description & Comments

Layouts of The Ultimate Plugin

Conversely, now let’s come to the outlook. Because people say the first impression is the best interpretation.

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

Andrew Grant(British Writer)

WP Social Ninja Plugin has 2 cool layouts for your content, how you can decorate your wall more splendidly. Additionally, This grid and Carousel layout is the coolest addition of the WP Social Ninja plugin which makes a website look great.

Select What To Show on Feed

Furthermore, there are options for your selection. The list below is the list of those items which you can share on your feed.

  • 1. Channel
  • 2. Playlist
  • 3. Specific Videos
  • 4. Search Videos
  • 5. Live Streams
  • 6. Popup
  • 7. Gallery


Therefore we see that YouTube feed configuration with WP Social Ninja is fully a non-techie task. Moreover, it has a painless configuration process. Even so, it has every useful feature those a social media plugin should have. Consequently, we can say that every WordPress website should add this plugin for YouTube feed sharing. Similarly, the YouTubers also need to be updated with new WordPress websites and WP Social Ninja plugins for the betterment of their channel and its social marketing.

WP Social Ninja Is not only with YouTube but also is a complete solution for Social Media plugins. Indeed there is 16 most used social media platform where users have all the solution for social media marketing.


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