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I thought of naming the post “The Mjǫllnir plugin for WordPress” but because of Search engine approachability and for your ingenuity of search have to put the title ‘The Best Social Media WordPress Plugin.’ As committed in my previous post, that I am going to elaborate on the story of Norse Mythology and relate that with a product ‘WP Social Ninja Plugin‘ for WordPress. Now let’s start.

Table of Contents

  • What is Mjǫllnir?
  • The Mjǫllnir Plugin For WordPress
  • Features of Mjǫllnir
  • Features of WP Social Ninja
    • Social Feed Feature
    • Reviews feature
    • Chat Features
  • The Story Of Making The Mjǫllnir
  • The Story Before WP Social Ninja
  • WP Social Ninja-The ultimate Social Media Plugin

What is Mjǫllnir:

According to Norse Mythology, the Norse god All-Father Odin and her second wife Jord had their only son Thor. As a legacy, Thor was also a god, The god of thunder. All-Father Odin made Thor the king of Asgard and he gifted the mightiest weapon of the galaxy to Thor at his coronation. Whereas thor’s Hammer’s actual name is ‘Mjǫllnir.’

The Mjǫllnir  Plugin For WordPress

Henceforth, in my previous blog, Consequently, I tried my best to show why any website needs social media markets to expand the business of its product. Thereby, a WordPress website needs a social media plugin for fetching reviews and suggestions from all kinds of social media. Afterward, passing a lot of time with WordPress and research, indeed found that WP Social Ninja is the most reliable social media plugin on the internet right now. Therefore, I named it “The Mjǫllnir  Plugin”. Nonetheless, after reading the features and specifications assure you that you will appreciate me for that relatable naming.

Features of Mjǫllnir

Rather, The thunder god Thor was very powerful. Moreover, he had a lot of abilities but he was not immortal. Whereas, Mjǫllnir enhanced his abilities to infinity. Although, Thor was a very powerful king because he had these three calibers

  • Thunder
  • Immunity
  • Energy

Thereby, Mjǫllnir was the summation of all those powers. It could pour thunder anywhere. Furthermore, it increased Thor’s immunity to infinity. When Mjǫllnir was near, nobody can harm Thor a bit. Additionally, it multiplied Thor’s energy a lot of times. Thus, It helped Thor to fly and fly like rockets.

Benefits of WP Social Ninja

Like the Mjǫllnir the WP Social Ninja Also has a lot of Features. It’s The package of ultimate solutions for most of the social networking sites and all the social platforms.

The main three features of the WP Social Ninja is

  • Social Media Feed
  • Reviews feature
  • Chat Features

1. Social Feed :

This Feature is almost like Thor’s ability of thundering. When a user uses the product and reviews it on the news feed it’s a must-show thing for the future consumer. A businessman should never miss any appreciation as a review. That’s what WP Social Ninja does. It allows the host to view these posts from the user’s news feeds and helps to post them to the WordPress Websites wall. Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram Feeds will be available on a Website wall. They are going to launch a lot of platform feed soon. Stay tuned.

This feature has other features like customization with new templates and themes even a lot of layouts like standard slides, masonry, and carousel layouts.

So it’s like thunder for future users. Let’s check that.

Social Feed of 3 Platforms

2. Reviews:

It’s the immunity of a website or web content. Like Thor’s ability is immunity, if there are good reviews of anything nothing can push it down. And WP Social Ninja will help you to check and post reviews of the ten widely used Social Review sites. Statistics say 90% of people read Google reviews before they purchase.

There you will get a lot of templates and themes and layouts. Even you can customize the thing you want to show or not.

Remember that reviews are the immunity of Websites and businesses. So check that.

Social Reviews Of 9 Platforms

3.Discussion & Chat:

Last but the most important feature that any business needs. Like Thor’s energy made him a real gainer it’s the most necessary feature. That’s the real way to give service to the users and get new users. With WP Social Ninja users can chat with social media users and expand the opportunities.

There is the feature of personalizing chat boxes and widgets. Lets See.

WP Social Ninja is a package of all these powers that a social media plugin can have. That’s why it’s the Mjǫllnir for WordPress.

The Story Of Making the Mjǫllnir

There is a planet near Asgard named Nidavellir. Meanwhile, There lived Galaxy’s mightiest engineers. One of them was Eitri(The Dorf) who was selected the best. He made that weapon for Thor with the full energy of the nearest galaxy of The Sun.

The History Before WP Social Ninja

Likewise, before the best engineers made the WP Social Ninja plugin, we also had to use such plugins from other websites. Even though, we had to screenshot those feeds, reviews, and post them on our website feed. And at the end of the month, we had to pay a lot of dollars only for single sites. Even in 2018, we noticed that Twitter users decreased by 6 million within a year despite we paid a real big payload for twitter only. Afterward, That made us think about a perfect plugin like that which has more features.

Yet, the day the WP Social Ninja plugin was released it has become really easy for everyone to cover all the social sites in one app.

WP Social Ninja-The Ultimate Social Media Plugin

Consequently, if you have a perfect plugin like that you don’t need to think of any other problems. Moreover, you can improve your brand credibility. Furthermore, you don’t need to think about only one or two platforms. Indeed, you have all those platforms and all the potentialities are in your hands.

Nevertheless, I hope you all got my point of this plugin and the logic after my naming. Thank You all

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