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10 Categories of Social Media Platforms With One Solution for Social Media Management

in Knowledgebase on October 17, 2021by Mohiuddin Omran

Social media? Facebook Launched a new feature ‘See your time on Facebook’. Everyday before I sleep I check that feature and almost everyday I get surprised before I sleep. On Covid days it was 2+ hours a day. After that situation we all joined our work but still its more then 1.5 hours a day. Check Yours, believe me you also will get surprised. I thought about that thing and felt that only except the students each and everyone is benefitted with that. Specially all of them who hold a business. Because all the businesses now a days need online markets to expand their opportunities. lets see the Categories of Social Media platforms.

Now I come to my field. I am one of the 40.6 percent WordPress website users across the earth. A very recent statistics says that there are estimated 64 million websites currently using WordPress and 665 new WordPress sites go live each and every day. There are more than 60,000 plugins available to prolong the capabilities your WordPress website.

Increasing Graph Of WardPress Users

Now let’s sum up my two paragraphs. 40.6% of WordPress users need to promote their websites or website-based business to social media. I mentioned only one platform and it engage people for more than a couple of hours. There are also giant social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and a lot more categories of social media platforms. Here we can find a market of more than 3.9 billion customers.

Importance of the Categories of Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing?  It’s a must thing for every business nowadays. it is the best Category of Social Media Platform for brands to promote their products. All business needs multiple social networking sites. Moreover, no one wants to miss any of the potential platforms.  The social media market is unrestrained today. Maybe you just posted something at the midnight and go to sleep by the morning you can be viral worldwide. There are many types of media and social networking. We can divide them on their function and composition. After all those divisions we can find these 10 kinds of them.

10 Categories of Social Media Platforms

1. Social Networking Sites( Facebook, LinkedIn)

This type of social media is most frequent and comprehensive. The help a business by branding, wide spreading, and reach the product to all kinds of customers. You also can get more attention there by channelizing campaigns.

2. Bookmarking Sites(Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Flipboard,), Categories of Social Media Platform

Social Bookmarking sites are the platform of sharing, adding, editing bookmarksof web documents. These sites have the feature of sharing documents with such ‘tag’ lines that easily attracts customers . StumbleUpon is the best example of a bookmarking site.

3. News Sites(Reddit,Digg), Categories of Social Media Platform

Social news sites help the viewer to post news and get attention in minutes. Even the can put external links and voting option for the mentioned items. These kind of sites are the key of revolution for the society and a heaven for the social media marketers. An example of a social news site is Reddit.

4. Multimedia Sharing(Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo)

It’s the he most popular platform for all kind of people for sharing multimedia  and their talent items to show others. These sites are getting most attraction and attention now a days and that’s why people are engaged with those sites most of the time where businesses can share there items with their media items. Now a days Facebook, Youtube are the most using multimedia sharing sites across the world.

5. Microblogging(Twitter, Facebook)

Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the platform for microblogging too. Now a days hash tag campaigns are very popular for the net citizens. Everyday there comes new trends and campaigns like those spreads most frequently.

6. Blogs(Open Diary, Livejournal, Blogger)

A blog is a discussion published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often like casual text entries. Previously there was lot of personal blogs only. It’s a  big market for the marketers and the thinkers. is a personal blog site of google.

7. User Review Platform(TripAdvisor, Yelp, FourSquare)

90% of people read Google reviews before they purchase. That’s why those review sites do matter for any kind of businesses and websites. Before purchasing from any e-commerce site or any plugin selling websites user reviews plays really crucial part. We mentioned those review platforms but actually is  the most used review site across the world.

8. Public Bloging Sites(Medium, Tumblr)

Until 2009, blogs were generally the work of a single existent. sometimes of a small group, and frequently covered a single subject or content. In the 2010s,”multi-author blogs”(MABs) surfaced, featuring the jotting of multiple authors and occasionally professionally edited.Public blogs are really important place for the marketers.

9. Economy Networking Sites(Airbnb, Pantheon, Kickstarter)

While it might not do to you directly, but websites like Airbnb is n’t just to find vacation settlements or conditioning. These participating frugality networks bring people who have got commodity they want to partake together with the people who need it.

10. Interest-Based Networking Sites (Goodreads, Houzz,

Like the AI technology got advanced and there have been a lot of websites and those platforms very frequently here we all can have our companions our interest based. Now a days Wechat, TikTalk and many other games sites are doing really great and being the next generation digital market place. That’s why those are going to be the next gen marketers heaven.

Have you get all about social media market? If you think it’s a long blog and you learned all you are really very wrong. However, we can’t even count exactly the social media tabs right now. Every second it’s expanding.

An Ultimate Social Media Tool For Categories of Social Media Platforms

A business needs all possible potentialities how the brand get proclamation and the business get augmentation. We would like to introduce you to our new and the best arsenal of the Categories of Social Media Platform. This plugin is one solution for any kind of WordPress user. I call it “The Mjǫllnir plugin for WordPress”. On my next blog, I will describe the story of Mjollnir, then everyone will know why I named it like that. Mjollnir is the hammer of Thor. Thor is The Thunder God from Norse mythology.

The Ultimate social media plugin is WP Social Ninja. It’s a complete solution for all kind of social media marketing. And the most attractive feature is Social chat and all kind of social media social chat.

I guarantee you that’s the best in the market for all the categories of social media platforms. Check it out and don’t forget to thank me because you are always welcome.

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