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Most Significant Graphic Design Trends 2020

in Knowledgebase on April 5, 2020by kawsar

2020 is a year for graphic design with ushering in muted color palettes, creative implications of gradients, and more realism in 3D. The predicament is – if we don’t care about the trends – our progress will be derailed and mishandled in regard to meeting new standards. But hey, this post will tell some ongoing and future trends in short. Although all the predictions are not limited to the described points you can study them as a starter reference.

Graphic design trends gonna happen in 2020

The following trends are some of the most expected features I think you should keep in mind while you’re going to start your next big project.

  • Continuing with gradients
  • Innovative geometric shapes
  • Crazy fonts..simple but gorgeous
  • A new application of line arts
  • 3D effect – more realistic
  • Vintage in modern style
  • Dreamy illustration
  • Dim color palettes

Continuing with gradients

Three years ago, gradients were shown as one of the most buzzing design trends. Surprisingly, it’s continuing for today, as well. Seeing the popularity and great significance, gradients will reign in this year, only with some innovative experiment. 

Innovative geometric shapes

Geometry is a natural formation, and it’s not possible to do design a page without geometric shapes. Using ultra-thin geometric shapes, you can bring the feel to users that they must come to visit your agency.

Crazy fonts..simple but gorgeous

As a graphic designer, this is an easy guess. Isn’t it? Bold fonts are always loved by the customers because it helps them make their brand strong and prolific. This year won’t be an exception. For an inspirational presentation, you must follow some criteria and one of them using simple fonts with heavy looks.

A new application of line arts

After the successful usability in the last two years, line arts still got a strong appeal. Beyond the earlier applications, now designers try to implement this super-engaging practice quite often. Illustrations and animations both techniques will show your lines a perfect destination.

3D effect – more realistic

Designers have put heavy attention on 3D designs recently and it’s not going away this year as well. What you can expect additionally is it’s upgraded level with more creative touch and closeness to reality. Thanks to modern tools and sophisticated technology as they give more power to turn the 3D effects more lively.

Dreamy illustration

There’s nothing could be more appealing than an abstract illustration. I want to add that illustrations are always on the heat list because of their possibility to create a unique brand voice. On top of that, a well-though illustration is hard to copy and implement with its other elements.

Dim color palettes

In the last few years, the vivid color was a hotcake as brands were using them deliberately to stand out from their competitors. In 2020, it might be time to initiate some change on this matter. Brand creators might adore the simple and delicate color palettes

Bottom line

I’ll update you with more print design trends to follow and make your design up to the industry standard. The more you will know about all the hot topics, the better your design will be. Not only you can hone your skills but you can impact directly your customer’s business.

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