How to Learn Design for Free. Great Options for Beginners

How to Learn Design for Free. Great Options for Beginners

in Knowledgebase on March 16, 2020by Smashing Studio

Sometimes to learn a new thing requires only your will, not money. Learning design is one of those exciting things. Well, I’m not against investing money for training. But there are tons of free ways to learn design and make a great career. 

These tips are for all who want to be a graphic designer. But, they will help you, especially:

  • if you’re a beginner or want to check out how design works
  • if you want to get some fundamental ideas
  • if you’re determined to learn design but can proceed because of money
  • if you want to have some pro tips to devise your plan

Learn the basic industry terms

Learn the basic industry terms

Like every other industry, the design has a lot of terms and you have to understand them all gradually. At first, you don’t have to be a master on every single term but over the time you need to get what ‘golden ration’ means or what’s the ‘rule of thumb’ or why ‘color palettes’ is important.

See how others are doing

See how others are doing

One of the great ways to learn design is to get yourself acquainted with the trends and processes of other designers. Well, it’s not suggested only to learn something free but it’s a required trait for all learners to hone their skills and get in touch with the modern design culture.

Use free software

Design software is costly and you’ll have to face the truth eventually. Another truth is there’s no powerful alternative for Adobe tools in terms of designing and they’re expensive, especially for beginners. Initially, you can use free tools until you can access Adobe tools. Pixlr for Photoshop alternative and Inskspace for Illustrator alternative can be your good friend at the learning period.

Free online tutorials

In this internet era, you have little options to show as an excuse for not learning something. Because plenty of resources is available all over the internet, all you have to do is start. You’ll find everything on YouTube from a single tutorial on certain topics to step by step tutorial. Next, find the websites that offer free tutorials and bookmark them. Moreover, there are blogs that publish content regularly dedicated to designs.

Redesign someone else’s work

Find something beautiful? Why don’t you start recreating the design? By imitating other design can teach many things, especially when you don’t know what to do or where to go. Not just tracing their design but adapt the thinking process and answer yourself why this and that. It’s very important to make something and copying other designs will give you that feel.

Create a new design all by yourself

Now, you’re done with copying other’s designs. Well, it was necessary for inspiration. It’s time to build something from scratch. For growing as a designer, there’s no alternative to start making something exciting with your skills and talents. The more you’ll practice the more you can shine. No matter how bad it looks, no matter how hard the process seems, do your job – process the task! 

That’s all for now. In a nutshell, you can’t rise as a designer if you don’t have the guts to move forward. Only a strong desire can help you reach your goal.

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